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Título : Evolution of fintechs in Argentina.
Autor(es) : Sánchez, Marisa Analía
Zalba, Pamela
Zoppis, Juan
Palabras clave : Fintech; Servicios financieros; Transformación digital; Teoría Actor-Red; Argentina; Financial services; Digital transformation; Actor-Network-theory
Fecha de publicación : 31-oct-2020
Editorial : Universidad Autónoma del Caribe
Referencia bibliográfica : Sánchez, M., Zalba N. P., Zoppis, J. (2020). Evolution of fintechs in Argentina. Dimensión Empresarial.Vol. 18, n° 4. Disponible en: http://repositoriodigital.uns.edu.ar/handle/123456789/5319
Resumen : The purpose of this paper is to analyze the fintech industry in Argentina. The methodology adopts an exploratory approach based on Actor-Network theory. Secondary data sources and the use of three case studies support information gathering. Results show that there are more than one hundred fintechs. Cases reveal that a key fintechs’ competitive advantage is to offer a service much more agile, simple, and in less time than a brick-and-mortar bank. Practical insights on how to interact with other actors in a business ecosystem and build on network effects to capture value are discussed. The regulatory framework is still on making what poses a major challenge for enterprises. financial services, digital transformation, Actor-Network-theory, Argentina.
URI : http://repositoriodigital.uns.edu.ar/handle/123456789/5319
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